Friday, 25 November 2011

Be A Smart Buyer

 You don't have to spend the most to be the best.First and foremost, dont be rash and get everything done immediately. You are just killing yourself if you are rushing in buying. All you have to do is be a smart buyer. To be one, you have to buy the right thing, at the right price at the right time. And that makes a hell lot of different because it could easily save you 200-300g.

When is deemed to be the right time?

What is the right price?

Read on, and I will tell you how and when...

A little story from my own experience in case you dont believe. I have few characters. Each of different job. Earning gold is the most important part of my DN life. Without gold, I cant get them the best armor and fight at Colosseum. As I observed, I figured out, there is actually a better way of getting armor by buying them at the right time.

" What you looking at, perv? "
 As you all know, the nest limits reset on Saturday. Thus, in my humble opinion, the best time of buying those crafting material you need, ranging from Minotaur Horn to Ceberus Ears, is on weekend. There are few reasons as to why.

1. More players online on weekend than any other day. Plus, it is the first day of nest reset. Everyone will be hunting like mad dog. Because of this, everyone will be throwing out their loots at trading house. They fight on by putting lower price than the rest. And us, having watch that, can laugh happily and buy what we need.

2. By weekdays, most of the players already finished up the limit of item listing in Trading House. Less players listing. Thus, with no competition in terms of pricing, the price of item will only increase instead of decreasing. Plus, there are less players hunting on weekdays either they already finished their nest limits or they are busy working/studying. This is why, NEVER buy your item on weekday unless it's very urgent.

For instance, on weekend, I bought the Name Tag of Spot for 600g. Now, while I m writing this,

the price is reaching 830g each. An increase of 230g in just few days time.

Be a smart buyer. You can save up few hundreds gold and use it in a better way than wasting it for nothing.

Spend wiser, be a smart buyer. Have fun, fellow Nest mates :)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Hunting Chaos Opening

 Some of the players might not have try out the chaos opening yet. Well, it's nothing special really. It's just some random map with some randomly spawn of monsters that keep spawning non stop. After clearing it all for few stages, you will be fighting shadow heroes. Beating them will win you reward of crafting material of all kinds.

Lvl 24 or above
Key of Dimensional Box

The newly added chaos opening was good for hunting for several reasons:

The Goods
1. Getting craft item without paying hefty fee by buying it at Trading House.
2.Earning gold by selling other crafting materials you get that you wont be using.
3. Normally get 3-4 type of crafting materials.

Chaos Opening, ss taken from the official forum.

The Bad

1. It's not easy for player with glassy defense or thin hp. Mobs keep spawning and at the last stage you have to fight shadow fighter of all four jobs. One each from Warrior, Cleric, Archer and Sorcerer.

2. Must be solo if you wanna earn gold. The fact that the box only drop out few items means that going in party will only make you earn less. Solo would be the best option.

3. Getting rubbish craft items will only waste your time.

For instance, you are so unlucky that you get the remote explosives just like my friend did. Congratulations. You will just have to npc it because npc it get 45 silver and selling it at Trading House for 45 silver will only waste your trading house limit and being charged selling fee.

However, if you get neck panache(which you can easily sell for 30g or more) for your loots, congratulations. You just make over 100g in a single chaos opening.

Generally, my view is that it's still a decent place for gold hunting. The fact that keys are now tradeable at cheap price make it a good way of hunting for all the gold hunters. I took a look at the market earlier. The key is around the price of 1-2g each now. From my past experience of hunting, it normally pays handsomely. I randomly make 60-70g each round. So, the pay is pretty good imho.

Gold Hunting Rating : 3 / 5 stars

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Royal Chest Hunting

The Royal Chest
 Ever seen this before? Isn't the loots too yummy for one to forget? Yes, it's the royal chest.

It's easy for one to hunt over this. All you have to do is....

Step 1: Go to Foothills of Black Mountain from Saint Haven
Step 2:  Then, go to Abandoned Welton Hallow. Pick the abyss difficulty.
Step 3: In the first map, keep walking along the left side of the map till u hit a cave
Step 4: Check the cave whether there is a royal chest
Step 5: If the chest is not there exit and enter again. Repeat these steps until you see a chest.

The cave look like this....


1. To avoid the decrease of durability of your equipment, you should strip NAKED.
2. Dance when mobs hit u, u die faster that way and press F12 to stage entrance and retry again.

Loots of a Royal Chest


1. Level 24 or above
2. Must be willing to strip naked =P


1. One single box can earn you at least 100g.
2. You can keep the jewel you want and enhance your armor.Sell off the rest and you get the gold.


1.It's time consuming.
2.It's boring.
3.It's all depends on luck. So, don't bother trying if you have face problem :P joking.

A friend of mine tried  one hour and all he got was a chest. Some friends, on the other hand, get 15 in 35minutes. So it all downs to luck

Gold Hunting Rating : 4 / 5 stars

So, good luck guys. Happy Hunting.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Don't bother Nesting.

I m referring to Minotaur Nest by the way.It's not worth your time anymore.

The Minotaur Nest

It used to bring so much gold and fun for those hunting in it. One minotaur horn is worth so much... around 60-120g.Nowadays, it's nothing but a waste of time. After the new patch, the horn is only worth 15g. At times, you can get it as cheap as 10g.If you are lucky, you can get 2 for 10g!!! So, what's the point of hunting there? Repair fee alone costs you 1-3 gold.

"But...but... there are so many premium plates...."

Yea, right, but what premium plate came out most? The rubbish plate. The good one, like bear , life vitality hardly drop. Even if it drops, its price is so much lower than it used to be. The new patch ruined everything.

If you have time hunting the mino nest, I would suggest you spend the time wiser by hunting any saint haven dungeon because they definitely drop better loots than this crap nest. :)

Gold Hunting Rating : 1 / 5 stars (And I m being generous here for giving a full 1 star )

Have fun gamers!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Earning Gold Via Bunny Hunting/ Key Hunting

Too new to the game? Curious why the pro so keen to help out the noobie? There's no free lunch in this world. They help because they need you as much as you need them. It's for bunny hunting. It's for the key as well.

This is how a gold bunny looks like.

Gold Bunny:
(1) LUCK
It's all down to luck again. Some spend 5minutes and get 2 Gold Bunny while some spend 5hrs getting nothing.

It only came out in abyss level dungeon.

You need a freaking Key of Dimensional Box to get EXTRA stuff from the golden bunny box.

Key of Dimensional Box

Key Hunting:

(1) A noobie 9 level lower than you.
If there's a noobie 9 level lower than you, you get 2 keys from opening the box(you must use a key first). In other words, you get an extra key for every abyss dungeon. So, if you are hunting for 10 rounds, u get 10 keys. By doing so, not only you gain loots from the abyss dungeon, you also able to hunt for key.

It only came out in abyss level dungeon since bunny boxes only appear in ABYSS dungeon.

Gold Hunting Rating : 2.5 / 5 stars
It can only be said that luck play a major factor here. Premium plate or not do not guarantee you earning big buck. Crap plate like Premium redemption plate which is overflooded in market will get you nothing but a waste of seal stamp. Plus, no one dare to guarantee how many run you will get golden bunny box. However, the good side is that key is dropping every time there's a box even if it's a silver box.

Anyway, happy 11-11-11 guys! Have fun in game :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Introduction - Hunting Gold The Legal Way

Let me introduce myself.

I m not a genius. I am not cool either. I m just a nerd, working my ass off just to make end meets while trying to enjoy my life. As stated earlier, I m a nerd. I m not outgoing. Most of the time, I just spent my time at home, facing my pc, playing my beloved games. One of it happened to be Dragon Nest.

I first came across this game during the OBT of China server. It was fun, it was cool. However, not long after that, an English version came out and I switched to the DN SEA server. Life was fun but how could you enjoy the most out of the game if you dont have enough gold?

Ever feel envious over other people cool equipment?

Why can he afford a full set of cerberus set and you cant? The reason is simple. You are not rich enough to get one set yourself. In simple words, gold problem.

Keep on reading. Yes... keep on... This blog is legal. Not selling any gold nor am I trying to teach you how to scam. What I am trying to do is, teaching some noobies (ops, did i offend you there? ) I mean freshies of the game some legal way of hunting gold and improve themselves. Let's not get bullied by those cash user in game.

I hardly spend any real money in any online game. However, I must say I m pretty dominant in most of the online game I played. I might not be the strongest but I m strong enough to be known by most of the players. I kicked their asses without spending crazily like they did. At the end of the day, it's all up to how you manage to earn gold in your own way but in an effective way.

In the next few post, I am going to blog on the way to earn gold. Some might be time consuming, some might not be. Last but not least, I hope it helps most of you out there. Sharing and caring. Share around and lets enjoy the game to the most!

Have a nice day :)